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Mid South Soln1
June 282013

“The SolN1 is the worlds smartest all-in-one portable solar solution.  It is easy to use, small, and exceptionally powerful.  The efficient 20W mono-crystalline solar panel and high capacity 20AH LiFePo4 batterypack makes the Soln1 perfect for on-the-go and outdoor power needs.  Comes with a built in 150 watt AC power inverter and watt meter so you can easily view power statistics, and run your ac devices.  There is also an easily accessible switch that allows you to power off the watt meter and AC inverter when not in use so the battery can charge faster. The SolN1 measures only 25.2inx12inx1.4in.  Weighs only 13.2 lbs, and is enclosed in a durable aluminum shell.  This makes the SolN1 the worlds smartest all-in-one portable solar device.”


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The SOLn1 – mini is an all in one power house for your bug-out bag, camping, or power outages.  It is a 10 watt solar panel, 2200mah battery, Joule ringer for efficient lighting, 110 volt 175 watt inverter, and USB port, 6 watt LED bulb included.
Will power lights, fan, PC, blender, radio, etc…  see video at


$249.00 + shipping (4 available)

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May 202013

The Personal Solar Emergency Generator by LocalEstore is the ideal stand-by power supply for medical devices such as C-pap machines, oxygen generators and much more. It works indoors or out, day in and day out. Simply place in the sun to charge and use at will. Most smaller devices will run non-stop for as much as 8 hours. Overnight emergency power without mess or hassle.

Price $399.99



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